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Vows – Short Film

The time has come for you to pay your penance.

Vows explores the connections between lust, taboos, sexual guilt, and romance. This short film follows a nun and a priest through their shared process of confession and penance as they both give into their lustful thoughts and feelings.


Who will enjoy this film?

Anyone who went to Catholic school or who has a love of all things taboo will enjoy this film. The set design, costumes, and lighting make you feel as if you are right inside the confessional booth. The carefully chosen music gives the film an air of religious eroticism.

The narration comes directly from common prayers and bible quotes. I’ll expand upon the choices in a future blog post, but for now I won’t give away any spoilers.


Subtitles/Captions in Erotic Film

Many of our past films and scenes contain little to no dialogue. However, Vows is different; it is driven by the conversations and narratives between the Reverend Mother and the priest. The music and sound effects are also key components, building tension driving the mood of the film. We wanted to make sure that this audio was accessible to all of our viewers, so we have added English subtitles to the whole short film. These subtitles include dialogue, music, sound effect, and other audio descriptions. You can toggle the captions on and off by pressing the cc button in the bottom right corner of the player. Please note: there are no captions available on the trailer.


Vows at Film Festivals

Vows was selected as a Finalist for Best Adult/Erotic film at ISFF 2018 in Melbourne, Australia.

Watch Trailer now, Full video runtime: 07:55
Filmed in DCI 4K on Canon 5D MkIV

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