Heels from Hades

Heels from Hades – Picset

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High heels with spikes and everything nice!

Heels from Hades features a tight fitting dress and paddle, both with spikes matching the spikes on the shoes. If you love fetish (or even goth or cyberpunk) heels, check out this gallery. This picset also features naughty spread legs, ass shots, black lipstick, dark eye makeup, and even a couple of gorgeous toe closeups! Try as you might, you won't be able to make out all of the amazing details in the thumbnails, so sign-up in order to see the full-sized images!
New Hades Talon High Heels! #3

Hades Heels – Picset

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Before I post the two galleries featuring these Hades heels, I thought I would give you high heel lovers and fetishists out there a close-up sneak peek! These black high heels are spikey, made of genuine leather, and even have a slightly cyberpunk vibe to the heel and sole. Their style is called (…)
The Rabbit

The Rabbit – Picset

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"The Rabbit" is one of my favorite fetish photoshoots. I was aiming for a dark and mysterious vibe. The leather rabbit mask combines with the lighting to cast an ominous shadow on wall behind me. The flash captures glints of light off of my piercings. And my skirt teases at what is (or what isn't ;)) beneath.

Candid Halloween – Picset

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I have had lots of requests for some of my more candid photos and it's almost Halloween! Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays, so let's celebrate it together. I will be rolling out a few Halloween galleries over the next couple weeks, but this picture set is the perfect combination of both Halloween and candid photos. Enjoy it just in time for Flashback Friday!

Weekend Getaway Part 3 – Video

The teasing is finally over in Weekend Getaway Part 3. Jaxson and I cannot take anymore, we desperately need to fuck! We fuck each other every way we can think of until Jaxson gives me my favorite breakfast treat, a full load of cum in my mouth!
Weekend Getaway Part 2

Weekend Getaway Part 2&3 – Picset

This post is the final picture set for the Weekend Getaway series! Jaxson and I wake up in the morning still horny from the night before. Not yet willing to get up, we opt to have "breakfast in bed", teasing, sucking, and fucking in every way we can think of!