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Kim Cums: Minedspace

Min(e)dspace – Video & Picset

Watch the TrailerRUNTIME: 15:50  Mobile, HD, UltraHD/4K

A moody, dreamy, kinky hiking sex video

As the morning sun rises over the mountains, the mist clings to the valleys casting an eerie light over the forest. Dew hangs heavily on webs and plants. And in a hidden part of the hills water trickles through an abandoned mine.

Our plucky adventurer begins her hike wearing nothing but white shorts and a sheer white bikini top. The sun is now high in the sky, and the day has turned warm. Finding her way over small creeks and climbing over fallen trees, the hiker stumbles across the entrance of the mine. The entry is surrounded by moss and lush green plants; a stark contrast to the pitch black darkness of the mine shaft.

After lighting a long candle to illuminate the way, the hiker steps slowly and cautiously into the mine. Cool drops of water hit not only the ground, but also gently strike and caress the explorer's bare skin. Feeling inspired by the metronome of the drips and the candle in her hand, she pulls down her sheer bikini top and carefully drips wax over her chest and nipples. Her wax play session is short but satisfying, and she only lingers in the mine for a few moments before heading back out to the hiking trail.

Along her way home, she stops for a rest at a large boulder with a view looking over a field. Leaning against the cool rock in the shade of a tree, she quickly finds herself caught up in a masturbatory daydream...

A lover comes towards her, emerging from the soft grasses of the field. The mirage makes his way towards her, climbing his way up the rock formation to where she sits. Eagerly she kneels at his feet and takes his cock into her mouth, feeling him grow hard against her tongue and lips. Wanting him inside of her she stands, and then bends over, bracing herself against the rock. She spreads her labia, wantonly inviting him to fuck and cum in her cunt. As the adventurer fantasizes about her lover giving her a creampie, she rubs her pierced pussy and cums hard.

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