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Kim Cums: Wanderlust - Behind the Scenes Video

Wanderlust – Behind the Scenes

RUNTIME: 1:36  Mobile, HD


1. a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.
Origin of wanderlust: 1850-55; German, equivalent to wander (n)
to wander + Lust desire.

We want to give you Wanderlust.

Wanderlust is a short film designed to make you slow down and smell the wild flowers. It’s porn with a touch of exploration and a dash of escapism.

We shot Wanderlust as an immersive POV experience. It has a “follow me” vibe; as I explore on the outdoors, you trail behind me taking in the views. The more explicit shots also make use of the scenery. You can choose to focus on me or enjoy the nature around you.

Wanderlust is also a great film for those that love build-up. The runtime is just over 20 minutes, this gives you time to tease yourself slowly. We don’t think that sex or masturbation should be a rush, and Wanderlust is designed to pace you and make you slow down.

Even the music we chose for the film is meant to help you relax. The music track is relaxing and invokes a meditative headspace, so put on your best headphones or earbuds and remember to breathe deeply. Whether you’ve had a stressful day at work or  you are simply feeling overwhelmed, this is the porn that helps you relax as you get off.


I absolutely loved shooting WanderlustThe location was remote; there were hours of driving, and then hours of hiking! But all of that effort is worth it, when you find a spot with such amazing views.

We were lucky with the weather too. Even though it was extremely windy in some spots, the sun kept it warm enough to film topless hiking shots, along with the more explicit shots.

With the weather, I did dress in layers, so as the film progresses you will see me change outfits from booty shorts to leggings, and from a sheer crop top to a light pink hoodie, and every combination in between.


We wanted Wanderlust to feel relaxing. However, while looking through the footage in post, there were a few scenes that felt jarring and shaky. We used image stabilization tools to smooth out these scenes to make the footage feel relaxing.

I know some of you may ask, “Why don’t you invest in image stabilization equipment”? And the answer is… we would really love to! The problem is that some of the locations where we like to shoot are quite remote. We often hike for a few hours to get to a spot we like, and that means carrying around extra weight in the form of food and water, in addition to the core camera equipment we take everywhere. Therefore, adding additional weight in the form of counter-weight stabilization equipment is simply not an option for our small two-person crew. So where we can’t solve problems in our initial production process, we do what we can in post-production.

There are some light-weight options that we do have our eye on though, including this handy kit HERE. Unfortunately, it’s a bit out of our budget. If you’re interested helping out,  please purchase a membership. Every little bit helps!


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