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Kim Cums: International Kissing Day

International Kissing Day – Collection

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    Is there kissing in porn?

    Today on #InternationalKissingDay, I wanted to take a moment to talk about kissing in porn. I absolutely LOVE kissing. And I love kissing in all of my scenes! However, a lot of anti-porn crusaders want people to believe that there's no kissing, caressing, or sensuality in porn scenes. This is simply untrue!

    But you might say, "Kim, I watch a lot of free porn on tube sites and I NEVER see kissing"! Well, that's somewhat on you, and every other porn tube site user. Let's talk about why.

    How algorithms affect the content we see - no kissing for you!

    First of all, in the same way that no one looks past the first page result of Google, how often do you go past the homepage or first page of search results on your porn site of choice? Nearly everything on the internet is driven by algorithms these days and porn sites are no exception. When users who go looking for adult content only make it to the homepage of free adult websites, and only view the most click-baity and hardcore videos (regardless of whether or not that's the type of content they actually enjoy), it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy algorithm. For example: Users are clicking on hardcore content without kissing -> algorithm determines that's what they must want to see -> shows more hardcore content without kissing. There's more fancy math and coding involved than this oversimplification, but this is the gist of what happens.

    To be clear, there's nothing wrong with liking and enjoying consensual adult hardcore content. However, we don't get to complain about "lack of variety", "lack of kissing", or "lack of [fill in the blank]" in porn, when we are not even actively seeking out the variety that already exists. We are lazy searchers and even lazier consumers.

    "Kissing is boring"

    Additionally, free porn sites are notorious for stolen content. Stolen clips are often stripped of their full context. The intro, which often contains the actual plot and lots of kissing, may stripped out because the uploader porn thief found it to be "boring". And the outro, behind the scenes content, or performer interviews are also left behind meaning that the viewer doesn't see discussions around consent and aftercare.

    There may have been kissing in the original scene, but by the time that scene has made it's way to a place where you are watching it for free, all of the smooching is long gone. It's always best to pay for your porn and watch the full scene in context.

    Celebrating International Kissing Day with Porn!

    So if you want to see more kissing in porn, especially on International Kissing Day, go looking for it! Seek out your favorite performers and buy their subscription content, get a membership to or to other independent sites like CrashPadSeries.

    I've made it easy to find porn with kissing on All you have to do is check out our kissing archives which contains every picset and video that we've tagged with "kissing"! I've also compiled this International Kissing Day Collection, containing 100 of my favorite kissing photos from my own adult content.

    So let's celebrate International Kissing Day


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