Experiment H21 selected as a Finalist for PEEPHOLE Film Festival


Watch Experiment H21 at PEEPHOLE Film Festival

PEEPHOLE Film Fest is Nov 2-4 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México at LARVA theatre. We are excited to announce that Experiment H21 has been selected as a finalist for the festival! If your interested in watching Experiment H21 along with other interesting erotic, experimental, suspense, horror, fantasy, and sci-fi films, be sure to check out the full festival program.

Of course, if you can’t make it to Guadalajara, México, you can watch Experiment H21 online, right here at KimCums.com.

A little more about PEEPHOLE Film Fest

PEEPHOLE filmfest is aimed to showcase and recognize the talent of all the artists that make us think and feel different, artists that nourish our imagination with the allure of their films.

Freaky, hot, exciting, seductive, frightening, accelerating, nude, strange, raw, unique. We want films that characterizes by any of these adjectives.