Kim Cums: Experiment H21 BTS

May your Independence Day be filled with friendly-aliens

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    Celebrating my favorite July 4th movie with behind the scenes content from Experiment H21

    As we all know, Independence Day is all about the 1996 film featuring Jeff Goldblum as a quirky scientist who helps fight off an extraterrestrial invasion. In honor of one of my favorite sci-fi movies, I wanted to give you a little gift and share some behind the scenes content from one of my own sci-fi films!

    Just like in Independence Day, Experiment H21 features alien medical experiments, except in my porn film the aliens experiment on me! This erotic science fiction short also depicts safer sex practices, and even featured masks way before there was a global pandemic. Personally, I find aliens in masks, gloves, boots, and goggles to be quite a turn on.

    If you’re interested in watching Experiment H21 or any of my other sci-fi inspired porn, be sure to browse my sci-fi content.

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