Vows – Bonus Content: Father Cooper’s Evening

    Watch the TrailerRUNTIME: 17:35  Mobile, HD, UltraHD/4K

    Father Cooper is back in this extended solo scene

    We don't usually shoot solo male masturbation scenes, but I knew that I really wanted want to include one in Vows. Masturbation is often treated as sinful and shameful rather than being treated as a healthy part of the human sexual experience. Religions have found numerous ways to scare people off from masturbating including telling young men that they will "grow hair on the palms of their hands", which I also make reference to in Episode 3 of Vows.

    I chose to shoot this solo masturbation scene from a top-down perspective, in order to evoke the sense that God or another heavenly-being was watching from above. With limited gear, this ended up being quite the technical endeavor, involving using our gimble, a camera jib, and chest harness.

    As we continue to expand and grow our content in the future, I hope to add additional solo masturbation scenes featuring a wider variety of individuals with cocks. Why? Because you don't need to have a big dick to have a happy and healthy sex life. You just need to not be a big dick.

    Filmed in DCI 4K on Canon 5D MkIV

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