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Vows – Episode Guide

    Here’s a handy release schedule and watching order for the Vows webseries, feature film, and bonus content!

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    Vows web series episode guide

    More episodes will be featured below as they are released.

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    Episode 1: The Arrival – June 2nd
    Episode 2: Communion – June 21st
    Episode 3: Reverend Mother’s Game – June 30th
    Episode 4: Broken Vows – July 14th
    Episode 5: Father Taylor’s Confession – July 28th

    Episode 6: The Lamb – August 18th
    Episode 7: Penance – September 8th
    Episode 8: Lupa – Septemer 22nd
    Episode 9: The Departure – October 13th

    Vows Feature Film

    Vows full feature film cut – October 31st

    Vows Series Trailer

    Performer Interviews

    Exclusive Interview with Taylor – August 4th
    Exclusive Interview with Miss Honey Analverkehr – August 25th
    Exclusive Interview with Blake Wilde – September 29th
    Exclusive Interview with Stirling Cooper – October 6th

    Extended scenes, Bonus content, and BTS

    Bonus Rope scene with Blake Wilde & Kim Cums – November 3rd
    Extended Father Taylor’s Confession scene – November 17th
    Extended Father Cooper scene – December 1st
    BTS and Outtakes – March 16th 2021

    How can I watch the Vows series?

    If you would like lifetime access to the entire Vows series, including the original short film, you can purchase access here. members can also watch the Vows series with an active membership.


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