Kim Cums: Sex Tape

Sex Tape – Video

A Simple Sex Tape

We post a lot of professional and polished content here on, but sometimes we want to let you in behind closed doors and see something more candid. So today we are sharing one of our sex tapes!

Have you ever wanted to turn on a camera and have it record while you & your significant other fuck? That's exactly what we did on this particular evening. No acting, no scripts, just us being ourselves when had a night away in a hotel. We kissed, we teased, I sucked Jay's cock, and we had a nice fuck. There's only one camera, one angle, and a close up of my body covered in cum at the end.

Let us know in the comments below if you and your partner have also made your own sex tape. If you have made your own sex tape, have you watched it back? Did you get horny while you watched it? I'll answer the question first... yes, I loved watching this tape again! I really enjoyed watching all of the sensual moments where Jay stroked my hair, touched my ass, and played gently with my breasts.

Watch Trailer now, Full video runtime: 19:21
Filmed in DCI 4K on Canon 5D MkIV

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