September Updates


    Penthouse Black Label

    Yesterday, I announced that I will be the Penthouse Black Label Cover Girl for October! There will be two versions of the magazine available. The keyhole version has a more explicit centrefold than the regular retail version.

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    You can pre-order your signed magazine copy, by using the product links below. I’ll start shipping the copies out next week so that you have them by the release date!

    As a thank you, members will receive a discount on their magazine purchase at the checkout.

    And if you missed the behind the scenes video of my Penthouse shoot, click here for sneak peek of what you will see the in magazine!


    Improvements & Tweaks

    I have also made a few improvements and tweaks to over the past week. The website was a bit slow to load some content. In order to help speed things up, I have upgraded my hosting to an SSD server!

    Also, web users will now see animated GIFs as previews! This update means that you will get a more in depth teaser of my video content. I’m still working on having GIFS play for mobile users. However, I will also be posting all of the GIFs on my Tumblr so mobile users can keep an eye out there if they want to see the new, sexy previews.



    And finally, there will be a NEW Scene coming out tomorrow, just in time for the weekend!

    Weekend Getaway Part 2 picks up the morning after Jaxson and I spend the evening away in our cabin! We wake up to amazing views and the morning sun coming in through the window. Not satisfied from the evening before, we cannot keep our hands (or our lips) off each other.

    Check out the GIF below and the feature picture above for a sneak peek at tomorrow’s release!