Kim Cums: Home Early Series - Post-shoot Interview

Home Early: Post-Shoot Interview

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Behind the Scenes with Taylor

We like to show our fans and members more about the performers who appear on After all, it’s important to remind porn consumers that porn performers are just regular people and sex work is work. One of the best ways to demonstrate these facts is for us to show you what our performers are like off set.

Sometimes we end up with funny snippets, or interesting stories about obstacles we had to overcome (including power outages!) and we put them together so that you can get a peek behind the scenes! This time, we are bringing you a post-shoot interview.

After shooting the scenes for Home Early, we sat down with Taylor and had chat about his experience on set, the stories behind his nipple piercings, his beard maintenance routine, and whether or not the ladies like his facial hair!

His post-scene interview is available below, along with all three trailers for the Home Early Series.

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