Lucie Bee

Pornstar / Escort

Pornstar, Escort & Australia’s ‘Goddess of Geek’

    Stirling Cooper

    Pornstar / Escort

    Coming Soon!

      Dion De Rossi

      Pornstar / Escort

      I’m the cheeky Girl Next Door, but not as you know her.

        Jayce Hardy

        Pornstar / Escort

        MMA fighter, entrepreneur and Aussie porn star.


          Wicked Weasel fan / Pornstar

            Zahra Stardust

            Artist / Scholar / Pornstar

            Zahra Zsuzsanna Stardust is an Australian artist and scholar who writes and practices in explorations of the body, pleasure and labour. Using her body as a canvas, her work examines sexuality, gender and regulation. Her award-winning films and shows have been screened, exhibited, workshopped and performed across several continents, and her writing appears in academic books and journals.

              Aeryn Walker

              Pornstar / Producer / Escort

              The slutty, perverse and proud, geeky porn sweetheart from the land down under.

                Jaxson Wilde

                Stripper / Model / Pornstar

                Male Stripper/ Nude Waitering/ Adult Actor Personal Trainer/ Promotional model


                  Sparkie Gal / Blossom

                  Electrician / Wicked Weasel fan

                  Blackmilk clothing and Wicked Weasel bikini addict. Wannabee Mermaid and lover of all things Star Wars.

                    Psych Whore

                    Wicked Weasel fan

                    Musical mediocrity, romantically inept, shameless selfie whore.

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