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    Who Are We?

    Cottage Industry, Indie Porn.

    Strong Ethics

    Focused on performer experience and satisfaction.

    Production & Post-production

    High quality content, mixed with candid daily-life snapshots.

    Open Tour

    Transparency before you commit.

    Who Are We?

    Cottage Industry, Indie Porn is a small independent porn website run by an Aussie-American couple with a passion for film and photography. Check out our interview below to learn more about how we started, why we love porn, and our goals for the future.

    What made you decide to start a porn website?

    Shooting porn felt like a natural extension of the things we already loved doing. Jay already had a background in photography, and once we started dating, taking photos together quickly became part of our life and relationship. One of the first places we shared our photos was on the Wicked Weasel bikini community site Microminimus in 2012.
    Then, after working briefly as a webcam girl, I decided to try working as a porn performer. I shot for various companies including; Lightsouthern, Girls Out West, PopPorn, and Aussie Ass.
    I really enjoyed working in porn and taking photos with Jay, so we decided to start shooting videos for ourselves. We worked on building up our content and developing our website for a couple years, then in 2016 we finally launched our own website,

    What kind of content can I expect to find on

    We have a variety of content. We have amateur, artsy, POV, hardcore, softcore, girl-girl, and boy-girl scenes and clips. We have bikini picture sets from our early days, opportunistic footage from our daily lives, and professional scenes. There’s something for everyone on here and we are adding more content twice a week!

    Production and Post-production

    High quality content, mixed with candid daily-life snapshots

    What type of equipment do you shoot and edit with?

    It depends on the type of feel we are aiming for in a scene, as well as other practical considerations, like the shooting location. We primarily shoot with natural light, but we do have utilise some fill lights and flash for indoor scenes and lighting conditions.

    Our main goal at the moment is to future-proof all of our content by shooting in 4K/Ultra HD! Our two main cameras are the Canon 5D Mark IV and the GoPro Hero 5 Black. We have another DSLR(Canon 7D Mark II) that we use for backup 1080p footage.

    However, we know not everyone has 4K viewing capabilities, so we also release our scenes in 480p, 720p, and 1080p, in addition to 4K resolutions.

    We have two computers that we use for photo and video editing. If you are interested in those technical details, please check out our ‘Geek’ blog posts where we go into more detail.

    What software do you edit with?

    We primarily use Adobe Premiere Pro and Lightroom. We don’t use Photoshop for our photos; the only retouching we do is for color corrections and basic blemish removal. We tend to stay away from heavier editing because we are just not big fans of skin-smoothing and body shaping. To be clear, we don’t feel there’s anything inherently wrong with heavily post-processed porn, but we feel there’s plenty of glossy-looking porn out there already and it’s not our style. Also, for our small two-person team it’s just too time consuming; we like to keep things simple.

    Strong Ethics

    Focused on performer experience and satisfaction.

    What steps do you take to make sure your content is shot ethically, and with the full consent of your performers?

    Although we certainly wish to work towards a world where porn is not stigmatised, there is still a lot of stigma directed towards those who have participated in the adult industry. We want to ensure that all of our performers have made a carefully considered decision to enter this industry and that they understand there may be consequences down the road. For this reason, to date, all performers for have been established performers or other adult industry professionals. By shooting with existing members of the adult community, we try to help ensure that an individual’s decision to appear in porn has already been well-considered.

    We do not actively recruit performers for

    We do not try to lure in new and potentially naïve performers with promises of money and glamour. Contrary to popular belief, it can be quite difficult to make money in this industry, and we consider it highly unethical to make promises otherwise.

    We will not shoot with performers who are or appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    We check-in with our performers before and after each scene & performers can stop a scene at any point if they feel uncomfortable.

    Scenes are always discussed with our performers before we start shooting. Our performers are invited to give their input on every aspect of a scene, and they set their own limits of what they do and do not feel comfortable performing.

    Performers can stop a scene at any point, and if they feel uncomfortable continuing a scene for any reason, we will stop production. When a scene ends, we debrief. You can see process in action in our BTS and post-scene interview videos.

    Performers are paid the same amount for a scene regardless of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, or religion.

    Open Tour

    Transparency before you commit.

    Your site doesn’t have a traditional pay-wall setup, why do you choose to make your content so open?

    We chose to design an open tour site because we believe part of being ethical is being transparent. With traditional pay-wall sites, you only get to see a tour page—a tiny hint of what content is really available. You never really know what you have signed up for until you have already paid.

    On, you can tour our whole site. Every page of content has a public, non-member section, which gives you a feature picture, a written description of the content, full thumbnail previews of picture sets, and a trailer for videos. Each page also displays the video runtime and total photo count upfront.

    The description gives you a good idea of whether the content is amateur, daily-life, artsy, or one of our professionally styled. The thumbnails give you a good idea of whether the overall set, fits your personal tastes, fantasies, or fetishes. Video trailers give you a sneak peak at the style, vibe, and content of each scene.

    As an added bonus, you’ll see icons near the top every page, under the feature picture. These icons correspond to common tags that relate to the content. This iconography is a quick at-a-glance way, to see if a video or picture set contains something of interest to you. Like what you see? Simply click on the icon to see more content that shares that tag.

    There are also free blogs, behind the scenes content, and mini-teaser galleries available for non-members. These posts will give you even more of an idea of what you are missing out on!

    Why should I sign-up if there’s so much content to see for free?

    Only members get access to stream full-length scenes and high resolution photos.

    Our videos work on mobile devices, laptops, PCs and more. Members can choose from various streaming sizes to suit their devices and internet speeds, from 480p to 4K.

    We even have a built-in zoom function for our high resolution photos, so you can feel like you are right in the action.

    Members also get access to our erotica section, an automatic discount in our store, and exclusive BTS content. Members can also view and write comments on their favourite content!

    What if I just want access to a single post, video, or picset?

    You can pick and choose the content you want to see. You don’t have to commit to a membership. We refer to this as pay-per-post.

    You can browse the site, and when you see something you like you can use the “Add to cart” button. Then proceed to the check-out, just like on a typical clip/Video-On-Demand site.
    After payment, the content is immediately unlocked. Then, you can go through “My Account” or simply navigate back to the post you wanted to see to view the full content.


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