Kim Cums: Reef Mirage with Sparkie Gal

Reef Mirage – Picset

You're walking through the desert when a mirage appears in front of you...

Two women in Wicked Weasel bikinis appear, surrounded by a beautiful tropical oasis. Through the sheer fabric you can see that one of them has amazing tattoos, and that they both have pierced nipples! You are quite sure that they aren't really there, but you stop to ask your hallucinations for directions anyway.

The women give you directions, offer you water, and a place to rest before continuing your journey onward. They also tell you off for going on a wander through the desert without a map or water, and also for rudely gawking at their outfits. It is then you realize that these are probably actual people and not a hallucination; you don't remember reading anything about hallucinations scolding you.

As you walk away from their oasis, you hear one of them say, "We can't even go all the way out to the desert without getting gawked at! When will they realize that we don't wear these bikinis for them!"

"Let's feed the next one to the sarlacc."

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