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Kim Cums: Top 20 Naked Dresses

My Top 20 Naked Dresses – Collection

PHOTOS: 20 Preview

What makes a "naked dress" naked?

The term "naked dress" has become incredibly popular lately, but as someone who has been wearing these types of dresses for years, I have to ask, what qualifies a dress as a naked dress? Is a dress being see-through or sheer enough to make it naked? Or does a dress need to have cut-outs or thigh-high splits? Does the wearer need to be daring enough to go pantieless or braless underneath?

In this collection, I've pulled together my top 20 naked dresses so that you can take a look for yourself and decide which one looks the most naked to you! This sexy naked dress photo gallery shows off different sheer and see-through dress styles including lace, lingerie, fetish, and bodystocking. While all of these naked dresses are daring, some of them take things even further with large cut-outs, long thigh splits, and very short skirts. My Top 20 Naked Dresses are also a range of colours! I have worn naked dresses in pinks, reds, and peachy tones, so if you're looking for more than just nudes and blacks, you're in the right place.

Also, you know that I never wear panties or a bra, so I'm really naked underneath these naked dresses. If you want proof, just take a close look at my nipple piercings as they sparkle and shine through the sheer fabric.


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