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Miss Honey Analverkehr is back with us again to chat about anal sex! She is the author of our Anal 101 blog and video. Now she is back for a more in depth conversation where she talks about some of her own experiences with anal sex, her training schedule for large insertions, taking things slowly, rules for fingers, and more! Most importantly, she reminds us that, when done properly and safely, anal can be pleasurable. If you watched our Anal 101 video, but you're keen to hear more, Miss Honey is here to lead you deeper down the rabbit hole.

More About Anal Video Guide

[00:53] Anal Orgasms

[01:37] Do you have any tips on relaxing before anal play?

[01:43] Large Insertions

[02:12] How to Train for Anal

[04:14] Take it Slow: Preventing Pain & Damage

[05:48] Rules for Fingers

[06:11] Rules for Anal to Vaginal Play

[06:42] Anal Sex and STIs

Watch Trailer now, Full video runtime: 08:09

More about our guest blogger


Miss Honey Analverkehr

BBW Pornstar & Anal Enthusiast

Miss Honey Analverkehr has been an anal enthusiast for over 20 years. A porn performer and escort specialising in anal and large insertions, Honey's extensive experience covers all aspects of anal play, from basics to internal body modification for fisting and colon play. Find more of Miss Honey on Twitter.


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