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Anal 101: The basics of anal sex

Have you or your partner been curious about trying anal sex, but you’re not exactly sure where to start the process? Or perhaps you’ve been too nervous to try because you’ve heard that anal sex hurts?

Well today is your lucky day because Miss Honey Analverkehr is taking over

Miss Honey Analverkehr is an expert at all things anal! She has over 20 years of experience as an anal enthusiast, and knows about all different aspects of anal play from the basics to internal body modification. If internal body modification sounds too intense, don’t worry,  we are only covering the basics in Anal 101.

Without any further ado, take it away Miss Honey Analverkehr!

So, you are curious about anal sex?

The good news is that with patience and preparation it can be pain free.

The most important thing to remember is the person receiving needs to be RELAXED. This means if your goal is to get your dick in there it might not happen the first or even first several times.

Look down at your cock – is it thicker than a poo? If it is, then it is going to take some work to get to your goal. So no time like the present to get started!


First of all, don’t pressure your partner into it.

They will never relax that way. If they are nervous, start introducing anal play into your sex life by rimming them with no anal penetration. Let them get comfortable with having that area stimulated. Take the time to help them associate anal stimulation with positive pleasurable experiences.

A GIF from "Home Early Pt. 1" on Kim
Taylor rims Kim Cums in “Home Early Pt. 1”

If you are the person receiving anal and you want to take a proactive role, playing with your bum when you are alone is a good way to get more comfortable with it. You can try slipping a finger in when you’re nice and relaxed in the bath or during masturbation. Explore your body and get comfortable with it.


Next Steps

Now when the person receiving anal is ready to get to the next step, this is when the partner gets to get their fingers into the fun! But there are a few things to check first:

  • Lube: Do you have lube? First rule of anal is LUBE!!!!
  • Fingernails: Now check your fingernails, the tissue inside the bum is very delicate, long or sharp nails can do damage.
  • One finger at a time: Start out with one finger and then as they relax more add another. Listen to the person receiving as to whether that’s comfortable- are they ready for another?
  • Three fingers: Once they can comfortably take three fingers they are probably ready for a dildo.
  • From dildo to dick: When your partner is comfortable with and enjoying the dildo, then you are ready to get your dick in.

Now you’ve got your cock right here at the gateway to heaven, the key is to go SLOWLY.


Don’t just shove it in.

Put just the tip of it in (not the whole knob) and wait. You need to give your partner’s body time to adjust and relax around your cock. You may prefer to get your partner to back onto your cock allowing them to control the depth and speed at a rate that is comfortable for them. If you are controlling the penetration, then even once they give you the go ahead to put more of your cock in, you still need to go slow. The first several thrusts need to be slow and gentle while their body adjusts. After a minute though, if you have followed all these steps, you should be right to go and fuck that ass like you both deserve.


What about mess? Let’s be adults about this.

You are sticking your dick in a poo hole. You want the person receiving to be adult about our desire to stick your dick in their ass, you need to be adult about the fact it could get messy. 99% of the time it wont. And remember how important it is for the person receiving to be RELAXED? You worrying about poo is not going to help them relax.

Hot tip – the less you take you dick in and out, the less chance of mess. It’s not a magic show “Look I can make my dick disappear” “Look I made it reappear!”, don’t do that and you reduce the risk of mess a lot. And if it does get messy, just have a towel handy. Be a gentleman, wipe your dick, wipe their ass, no biggy. Don’t be THAT guy that freaks out. That’s not cool. And it’s plain disrespectful of the person opening their most intimate and fragile part of themselves to you.

Now if you are that much of a princess that you HAVE to have it cleaned out before you go in, douche don’t enema. If you put too much water up there there’s going to be risk of shitty water leaking out for hours.


Anal 101: Review

Remember these simple steps and your anal exploring should be a positive experience:

  • Warm up and rimming
  • Lots of lube
  • Slowly at first
  • Don’t be a dick

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Miss Honey Analverkehr

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Miss Honey Analverkehr has been an anal enthusiast for over 20 years. A porn performer and escort specialising in anal and large insertions, Honey’s extensive experience covers all aspects of anal play, from basics to internal body modification for fisting and colon play. Find more of Miss Honey on Twitter.


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