Interview: Taboo Radio – Body Modifications

The Body Modification show was a lot of fun!

I met Doolzy for the first time and he is definitely one of the most modified people that I have met. It was interesting to hear about his motivations for getting various modifications, including some partial finger amputations. We also had a chat about body mods as part of kink play, and about one temporary mod that I've always wanted to try, so tune-in for a listen to find out more!

I have also included a few close-up images of my own nipple and VCH piercings. My nipples are double pierced and my VCH is triple pierced! The triple VCH is sometimes called a 'Princess Diana' piercing.

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Interview: Taboo Radio – Kim Cums For Valentine’s Day

Featuring:  Kim Cums Again for Valentine’s Day On this round of the Taboo Radio show, we discuss Valentine’s Day! The show sub Sim wants to know “how to play when you are single?” So some very important questions are asked: How do you screen online potential doms/subs? What is the best and safest way to find a […]

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Interview: Taboo Radio – Kim Cums Back

Featuring: Kim Cums back and talks about BDSM! I ended up in Melbourne on Wednesday night, so where did I decide to spend my evening? At the Taboo Radio headquarters of course! Last time on their show, we talked about porn, escorting and the adult industry. This round we dove in a little deeper and discussed ABC’s […]

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Interview: Taboo Radio with Kim Cums & Lucie Bee

A fun filled podcast about kink, BDSM & porn.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about porn? Or what Lucie Bee and I are like behind the scenes? Then tune into this vodka-fueled interview with Taboo Radio!

Hear Lucie yell at JJ for the first (but not last) time when she tells him to "Shut your whore mouth!". Learn more about my kinky side, including my favorite toy that Taboo keeps setting me up with. Lucie and I also talk about how we entered porn and escorting, and clarify some misconceptions about how the adult industry works. We also chat about cats, Sexpo, and plenty of other nonsense, including JJ's weekly rant (#sorrynotsorry, JJ). Our interview ran way over time, so you can enjoy a total 3 hours very adult, NSFW conversations. Luckily, they generously decided not to kick us out onto the cold dark streets after hour 2 ticked over!

After you have a listen, be sure to let us know what you think on Twitter!

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