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Kim Cums: Adults Only Magic Show

Adults Only Magic Show – Picset

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I might have caught the magic bug!

After visiting the Magical Mystery Show in Hawaii, not just once, but twice, I may have caught a bit of a magic bug! There's something really wonderful about shedding off your adult skepticism, suspending all disbelief for an evening, and fully immersing yourself in the delight of a magic show.

While the show in Hawaii has a Victorian curiosities theme, the Adults Only Magic Show that we just saw in Sydney had a much different vibe. Taking place in a circus tent, we grabbed our drinks at the outdoor pub before finding the way to our seats. While I'm not going to post any spoilers here, the magician duo, Sam and Justin, along with their handsome assistants, put on a show that was the perfect blend of well-executed magic, humor, and nudity ;) Just be warned that if you catch Pickle Rick, you may be heavily involved with the rest of the show!

Since it was an 18+ only show, I took the opportunity to wear a very sheer dress. I also then proceeded to take some very smutty photos once I got home.

If you're bummed that you missed out on their show, it looks like they are going to be back in Sydney at the end of September/Early October.

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