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Kim Cums: Hawaii Strolls

Hawaii Strolls No.1 – Video

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An early morning on Waikiki beach, followed by a stroll

It's a looong flight from Sydney, AU to the US, and after doing 20 hours plus of back to back flights on the way there, I knew that I would need to break it up on the way back. Luckily, Hawaii is right in the middle, which provided a much needed repreive from the long haul flights.

I only stopped over for a couple days, so I stayed close to Waikiki beach (and the airport), instead of wandering further abroad. I took a bunch of photos a videos of my adventures, including new topless content at the beach and in the water. After all, I had to take advantage of the fact that women are allowed to go topless on the beach on Oahu!

This week's video is just a short and cute video of me popping my top back on after a topless swim in the ocean, and then a stroll alongside the beach on my way to breakfast. Yes, I actually woke up early and hit the beach super early! No, I don't know who this person is either? At-home-Kim can never wake up early to do anything :P

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