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Because you deserve regular, uncensored, algorithm-free content delivered straight to your phone.


Get previews of content directly in your feed

Our posts will show up on your Feedly feed with a short description and a preview picture. These little previews will give you a quick overview of our new content.

We try to post new picsets and videos about two times a week, so you’ll always have something fun to look at on your Feedly.

As we gain more Feedly/RSS feed followers, we will start to embed additional things in our feed, such as trailers! But this tech development takes time and money, so we need to know there’s a demand for it from our followers and customers first. Follow us –> More Demand –> More features!

A preview of content on the Feedly App.


Shadowbanning & Censorship

We have recently lost our main Instagram account. And Tumblr is about to ban all adult content entirely, which is a whole discussion for another day. Although you can still follow us on our travel and photography Instagram accounts, as well as on Twitter, these platforms are rife with censorship. For instance, our accounts are frequently subjected to shadowbans, which means we do not come up in searches for hastags or keywords.

Furthermore, since the passage of FOSTA/SESTA many platforms are slowly removing adult content out of fear of being liable for hosting illegal content. Other platforms are removing adult content in order to make it appealing to potential advertisers. Therefore, although some platforms allow adult content as long as your account is flagged as Adult or NSFW, it many only be a matter of time before we also lose these platforms.


Beat the algorithms

Even when adult content producers can manage to stay on social media platforms without getting flagged, algorithms mean that you are only seeing a small percentage of the content that exists, even if you are following someone. This fact holds true for both adult and non-adult creators. Wouldn’t you like to see more content from ALL of the content creators that you love?

There are some ways around algorithms, like changing your settings so that you get a notification every time a person posts. I personally feel already feel overwhelmed by notifications from chat apps and e-mails, so it doesn’t feel like the best solution.

Feedly/RSS provides a much better solution. Just open your app when you want to browse, and ALL of the content and new posts from your favorite content creators will be there. No pesky algorithms filtering what you’re seeing.


It’s free to use

Feedly is free to download and use. You can make different feeds for your different interests. For instance, you can put all of your favorite porn sites in one feed and all of your Safe for Work favorites in another.

If you get really into it, there are extra premium features. If you’re happy to pay for your porn, why not also make sure some cool developers are getting paid too?


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