Kim Cums: Waxplay with Aeryn Walker

Waxplay with Aeryn Walker – Picset

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    Playing with colourful candle wax with Aeryn Walker

    Aeryn and I have lit our candles and the wax has started to melt. Slowly, the wax forms colourful pools of blue, orange, and yellow within each respective jar.

    We take turns with the candles, sensually pouring the hot wax over each other's bodies. The warm wax runs and drips over our chests and nipples before cooling and hardening on our bare skin. It's not long before Aeryn and I are covered in brightly coloured splotches of wax. The blue, orange, and yellow candle wax is like a painting against our skin.

    Our wax play session is both sensual and playful; I cannot wait to try out this fetish again.

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