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Kim Cums: Explicit Relationship Goals


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Zahra and I continue our date in the cabin with a beautiful view of the mountains outside the window! We strip off each other’s flannel shirts and booty shorts before gloving up. We make sure to tease each other thoroughly with lots of lube and fingering, then Zahra surprises me with her big dildo!


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Kim Cums is the personification of seductive innocence. She has the countenance of an Ingenue, the voluptuousness of a Temptress and the allure of a Seductress. Although she appears to be the girl-next-door, she will give you a lesson in carnal knowledge you will never forget. In my eyes, she is the perfect blend of a lubricous masterpiece and a salacious treasure.

Tom C

First of all Kim is gorgeous. Love seeing her beautiful smile. Makes my day. Her body is gorgeous love her piercings. Love her outdoor pictures on the trail or beach. Anyone can get naked in their own home but Kim does in public, what a huge turn on. And just love her WW attire just enough coverage(or not) to make me crazy. And last but not least Kim has a wonderful sense of humor, keeps me cumming back for more. Kim one last thing put on some panties!! Oh wait you don’t own any.

Tom L

I’ve been following you on instagram for a while and enjoying the great shoots yall do. Some of the locations are awesome, but you still seem to figure out how to outshine the historic, fancy or featured location where you are. What really gets me is that some of your shoots look so elaborate and creative taking us on a mind journey and the other, just simple easy set can make you think it’s more creative than the elaborate.

I’ve been an artist for years and always got my inspiration from all other creative artists, I chose to follow you because of all the awesome shot creativeness you’ve shown. After following you for a while I’m second thinking my creative ability and going to take it to the next level with my tat art, comic sketches and prob the printed instructional literature as well.

Thanks again for your inspiration.