Kim Cums: Topless on Fingal

Topless on Fingal Beach- Picset

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    We're almost out of winter, and I'm ready to get my tits out on the beach!

    I've been topless on a number of Aussie beaches over the years, and on this particular day I visited Fingal Beach. I took my hot pink bikini, but only wore the bottom thong. The top part of the bikini stayed in my bag!

    When I went topless on Fingal beach, I didn't just lay on my stomach. I also sat up on my towel with my breasts uncovered. Going topless on the beach is legal everywhere in New South Wales, Australia, and I always take full advantage of this rare equality.

    If you'd like to see any more of my topless beach adventures, you can check out my topless beach archives and my Topless Aussie Beach Babe collection.

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