Kim Cums: Topless between the Flags

Topless between the Flags – Picset

I often get asked if I get looks from people at the beach...

Or if people come up and say things to me while I am topless or wearing a g-string bikini. Here's a little story about these photos and about one of the rare times anyone has ever said anything to me.

It is legal for women to be topless on the beach in NSW, Australia and wearing a thong bikini is also legal. Therefore, if people who have complaints about my attire, there's nothing that they can do to get me kicked off the beach.

On this particular afternoon, I was taking photos in my Wicked Weasel Oasis bikini. As I got up to have a splash in the waves, I had noticed a disgruntled-looking lady staring at me. However, I'm used to dirty looks, so I continued my walk down to the ocean and had a play in the water. The woman got off her towel, and wandered up the beach towards the cafe and surf club.

A few minutes later, I saw a lifeguard casually strolling towards me. He had a coffee in his hand, and a look on his face that seemed to be a combination of annoyance and amusement. The lifeguard stopped a few feet from where I was standing in the water, swirled the coffee mug and took a sip, "I can't make you to do anything since you aren't doing wrong, but could you please shuffle down the beach a bit?", he asked politely. I could see the woman from earlier staring in my direction, clearly expecting him to tell me to cover up or leave.

"Sure", I replied with a smile. The lifeguard smiled back, he was happy that I was willing to be pleasant and accomodating, unlike the cantankerous woman sitting up the beach.

I waded around in the waves for a few minutes longer, after all no one said that I had to move immediately, before heading back up towards my towel. Nearby, the woman from before scowled in my direction, clearly disappointed that I hadn't been scolded.

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