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Kim Cums: Double Pierced Nipples

Q&A: How many piercings does Kim Cums have?

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A: Kim Cums has 20 piercings.

Where are all of your piercings?

My piercings are located all over my body. I have the following piercings:

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Q: Are you planning on getting any additional piercings?

A: At this stage, I am not planning any further piercings; I’m really happy with the collection that I currently have and I’m grateful that they have all healed up well. Furthermore, the last piercings that I had done, my triple Christinas, are still in their final healing stages. Since they have a high rate of rejection, they have been more high maintenance than any of my other piercings. I have to be really careful that they do not rub against my clothes, or if rubbing is unavoidable, I have to tape them up to keep them from getting grumpy. I will be waiting until these heal up completely before giving myself additional piercings to manage, which I suspect will be another 6-12 months.

All of that being said, I do have one more piercing on my dream list: a fourchette piercing! However, since it’s in quite a delicate area, I do not feel that it’s a practical piercing to get while I’m still filming porn. The risk of rejection, damage, and scarring is just too high, so I’ll probably save this one for after I retire.

Q: Did these piercings hurt?

A: Yes, all of these piercings hurt to varying degrees. I am a big pain slut, so I really enjoy the process of getting pierced and the extra sensitivity during the healing process.

People generally assume that genital piercings hurt the most, but I found that my ear cartilage piercings (tragus and rook piercings) hurt the most. They also took the longest to heal due to the fact that there isn’t as much blood flow to the area.

Since the VCH goes through the thin tissue clit hood, not the clitoris itself, it does not hurt nearly as much as people imagine. Genital piercings also heal incredibly quickly.Kim Cums: Glass Fruit Pierced Nipple Closeup Source: Glass Fruit Solo – Video & PicsetKim Cums: Mega Mesh Nipples Closeup Source: Mega Mesh Nipples Closeup – Picset

Q: Do you have extra sensitivity from your nipple or genital piercings?

A: My nipples, VCH, and triangle piercings gave me some extra sensitivity right after the initial piercing process. However, after they healed and settled, my nipples and clitoris felt just as sensitive as they were before the piercings.

If I’m already turned on and feeling more sensitive and stimulated in those areas, then I can feel some extra stimulation from my piercings. However, that’s really a matter of my headspace, mood, and what’s turning me on on any given day. My genital and nipple piercings do not make me a walking orgasm.

Q: Have you ever used a violet wand on your piercings?

A: Yes! I absolutely love violet wands and the sensation of a wand against my piercings is unique and intense. The feeling of electricity being conducted through the piercing is indescribable. I also love looking at the arc between the tip of the wand and my piercing; there’s something really beautiful about it.

The first time that I tried using a violet wand was at a public kink party. I already had pierced nipples at this stage, and I think that I even had a newly pierced nipple! I fell in love with violet wands that evening and I now finally own my own vintage wand.

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Q: Why did you get your nipples double pierced?

A: I started with just one nipple piercing to see if I liked it, then I got the other nipple pierced. The nipple piercings were beautiful and I also really loved having them played with during kink scenes. I decided from there that I really wanted more. Double pierced nipples are also rare, so I thought they would be unique as well as being a contribution to my pain fetishes.

Since I have two piercings per nipple, I also get to wear twice the amount of nipple jewelry! I have a growing collection of fun nipple bars and rings to change around.

The only downsides have been that some nipple shields are impossible to wear and that most nipple clamps do not fit over my piercings.

Q: Why did you decide to get a triple Christina, triangle, and a triple VCH?

A: Originally, I really wanted a single VCH and a triangle, so that I could add extra stimulation in front and behind my clitoris. The piercing artist that I consulted with said that the triangle would not quite suit because of my anatomy; I had the space behind my clit, but that it would possibly heal crooked and cause damage. After some research, I discovered the triple VCH, also referred to as a Princess Diana. I already had a single VCH, so I then just added an additional VCH piercing to each side. The two VCH piercings on the side do not contribute much towards stimulation, so I got those more for the aesthetics.

However, since I am an innie – my labia minora and clit aren’t really visible unless I’m spreading my outer labia – I wanted some piercings that would be visible through a sheer dress/skirt, or when I am wearing a micro bikini. Therefore, I decided to get a triple Christina/Venus piercing. Why did I get three instead of just one? I thought they would be more visually interesting and they also mirrored the triple VCH that I already had.

When I went to a new piercer, Tara, owner of Let’s Get Pierced!, to consult about getting my triple Christina, I asked her for a second opinion on getting a triangle piercing. She told me that she would be able to do the triangle piercing. My anatomy had changed slightly after getting the triple VCH since those piercings had pushed out the side of my clit hood. This extra wiggle room gave me enough space for the triangle to now heal properly.
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