Kim Cums: PAXAus2015 Highlights

PAXAus 2015 Highlights – Video

Runtime:  4:10  480p, 720p, 1080p

Lots of tickets & Lady Death cosplay!

This highlights video features myself, Aeryn Walker, and Lucie Bee! The Lady Death footage was shot at PAXAus 2015. The ticket footage was shot in the after I spent way too much time knocking down clowns at the arcade after party (check out my PAXAus gallery here for photo evidence)!

If you missed my earlier post about PAXAus 2015, go check it out.

Remember that Sex and the Modern Geek Round 2 is on tonight: Friday, November 4th from 10-11pm in the Wombat Theatre! Lucie Bee will be hosting the panel with some other fantastic guests so don’t miss it!

Aeryn Walker wrote a great little piece on the differences between cosplay and parody pornIt seemed particularly appropriate to share during the weekend of PAXAus, so check it out by clicking HERE.

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