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Kim Cums: Parasailing in Micro Bikini

Parasailing in Micro Bikini – Picset

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    A high flying microbikini adventure

    Are you ready to go on a parasailing trip with me? Have you ever wanted to try adventure sports while wearing a microbikini? Then get ready to have all of your g-string dreams come true!

    After strapping on a harness over my hot pink Wicked Weasel bikini, I was ready to fly in the air. This trip was my first ever time parasailing. After we reached gliding height, I was surprised by how quiet it was. I expected there to be wind noise and big gusts, but instead it was peaceful, gentle, and whisper quiet!

    But I know you're all dying to know what it was like parasailing while wearing a microbikini? It was perfectly comfortable, there was no rubbing from the harness, and you get wet when they dip you in the water, so you might as well wear a bikini! The staff and other passengers weren't fussed either, and the only comment that I received was from another woman who thought it was a great way to avoid tan lines.

    So feel confident! Go forth and enjoy all of your adventures in the tiniest outfits possible.

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