New Payment Options and Shop Updates

    We’ve made improvements to our online shop!

    If you haven’t checked-out with us in a while, it’s time to take a second look. We’ve added a currency converter, regional billing, additional payment methods, and automatic discounts for our Australian and New Zealand customers. Keep reading for all of the details!

    New currency converter & regional billing with CCBill

    Due to billing restrictions our store is in USD. We know this means it can be a bit of a surprise when you get to CCBill to checkout and see the cost in your local currency, or when the charge turns up on your credit card.

    So we’ve added a currency converter to our shop! You can find the currency converter on the shop sidebar, and on the cart and checkout pages. This converter is an estimate of the final charge only, but we hope that it makes things a bit more user-friendly!

    In most cases the currency converter will auto-detect your currency based on your location, but you can also toggle between different currencies by using the currency converter widget.

    If you don’t see your currency, let us know and we will add it to the widget!

    You can find the currency converter on the shop side bar, on a desktop computer, near the bottom of the page on mobile, and on the top of the cart and checkout pages.

    We’ve also taken steps to turn on “regional billing” with CCBill for when you’re checking out with a credit card. In our tests so far, the currency conversion estimates on the shop page and the final amount on CCBill have been within a few dollars of each other.

    We hope all of these little changes mean less surprises for our customers at the checkout!

    Additional Payment Methods

    We have also added new payment methods available at the checkout.

    New Payment Options for Australian Customers

    Australian customers can now checkout with a Direct Bank Transfer option or a BeemIt App option. Orders that are paid for by Bank Transfer/Direct Deposit or with BeemIt will need to be manually approved after your deposit has cleared our accounts. However, most of the time, we should be able to approve and complete your order within 24-48hrs.

    Check out with Cryptocurrencies

    All customers now have the added option of checking out with Bitcoin or other popular cryptocurrencies.

    We are currently accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD coin.

    Credit Card

    We haven’t removed any options, so you can continue to pay with Visa and Mastercard via our main billing company CCBill.

    Choose between bank deposit, BeemIt, CCBill (Visa/Mastercard), or Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency during checkout

    Automatic discounts for AUS/NZ customers

    And FINALLY, we know that the exchange rate has been really shitty for our AU and NZ customers. (It has been really shitty for us too!)

    So we have added an automatic 30% off discount for customers in Australia and New Zealand.

    Example of the 30% automatic discount provided to Australian and New Zealand customers at checkout.

    This discount is based on the country listed in your billing information at the checkout, so you won’t see the discount until you’ve added that information. I’m still working to make this a bit more obvious for all of you, but it’s the best solution I have for now!

    As always, thank you for your ongoing support <3

    Kim xx