Press: Mysteria Maxima Interview with Kim Cums


New Exclusive Interview

As part of some press for Smut Club Film Festival, I did an interview for Mysteria Maxima Magazine. In the interview, we chatted about Mind Geek, porn for women, ethical production, stigma, and my upcoming porn projects.

You can read the full interview HERE on the Mysteria Maxima Magazine website, along with interviews from the other directors whose films were screened at Smut Club.

An excerpt from the interview:

You’ve been naked online for a while; what do you like about shooting for studios and what do you like about self-producing?

Shooting for other companies is a lot of fun because I love getting to see how other people work; whether it’s how they organise their shoots, or how they set-up equipment on shoot day, I am still constantly learning and picking up tricks from other people.

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