Kim Cums: Moments: Triangle Triple Christina Piercings

Moments: Triangle & Triple Christina with Let’s Get Pierced! – Video & Picset

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4 piercings on one day!

Earlier this week, I posted a comprehensive Q&A where I talked about my VCH, triangle, and Christina piercings. Today, I want to share even more of my piercing experience with you by sharing photos and video from the day!

Last December, I got 4 new genital/intimate piercings, 1 triangle piercing and 3 Christina piercings. I got all of the piercings on the same day so that I could minimize the time I needed to take off of work to heal.

Deciding that I wanted to document this experience as best as I could, I took along our GoPro HERO5 Black to record my reactions and Jay was there to take a few progress photos. The video is non-explicit and only shows me from the waist up. So if you are squeamish, do not worry, I don’t show the actual piercing process. The video is primarily focused on my reactions, so if you are a masochist, sadist, or you just love watching me squirm, you will enjoy this video.


Piercing Video Guide

If you want to skip ahead to the parts of the video where I am getting pierced, I’ve included the time markers below in orange. I’ve also marked out a few other highlights where you might enjoy the conversation or my reactions (I can be quite ticklish after getting pierced!).

Note: You’ll see me squirm twice for each piercing. The first reaction is for the actual piercing, and the second reaction is when the jewelry goes into the new hole.

[00:22] I’m a bit nervous but there’s always time for a bad joke about “pretty balls”.
[03:10] After a little bit of final prep work, I get my first piercing of the day: a triangle piercing. The piercing passes horizontally behind the clitoris at the base of the clitoral hood tissue where it meets the inner labia.
[05:27] New genital piercing = extra sensitivity. It feels good, but it also makes me giggle! You can hear Jay snapping some photos in the background.
[06:34] I get the glimpse of my triangle piercing with a hand mirror. “It’s so pretty!”
[08:10] The first of three Christina piercings goes in!
[09:47] The second of three Christina piercings goes in!
[10:44] Tara chats about what not to do to your piercer when they are piercing your genitals.
[11:15] How rare is a triple Christina piercing?
[13:40] The third Christina piercing goes in! My last piercing for the day.
[15:18] I check out the final results with a mirror.
[17:20] What’s a Princess Kim? & “Holemaker” on Urban Dictionary

Triangle & Triple Christina Photo Gallery


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