Kim Cums: Moments - Halloween Shadowban Costume

Moments: Halloween Shadowban Costume

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Nothing Spookier than a Shadowban

Halloween is all about the spooks and scares, and I don’t know anything scarier than a shadowban! That’s why I dressed up as a shadowban for Halloween 2019.

Shadowbans are causing havoc for sex workers everywhere. They are making it difficult for our followers and fans to find us on social media because we don’t show up in search suggestions and our posts are hidden from feeds. This lack of visibility is leading to a huge loss of income for sex workers who rely on social media as a way to promote their content and services.

Shadowbans are also leading to a huge increase in fake and scam accounts because we can’t be even be tagged in reports where we are trying to report people for pretending to be us. This issue is resulting in fake accounts staying up for longer (if they are ever taken down at all), giving the fake account holders more time to scam money and rack up followers.

And finally, if we can’t be seen, we can’t be heard; shadowbans are affecting the sex work community’s ability to advocate for rights both on and off the internet. Scary!

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