Kim Cums: Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest – Picset

Partly Cloudy with a High Chance of Nudity

These photos were taken on the last day of my winter bushwalking holiday. The temperature had been around 0C everyday, and I wore multiple layers of clothes to keep myself warm. On the day before, we even hiked up to 1250 meters elevation to see the snow! You can see me all bundled up and even wearing pants on my Instagram.

But I did not wear pants on the last day!

Before we left in the morning, we had time for one last short walk on one of the boardwalks. Since I did not need to do any serious hiking, scrambling, or stair climbing, I wore a short, grey, winter dress instead of pants. This minidress had a loose flippy skirt, and a top that made flashing my tits, ass, and cunt a breeze.

The walk itself was magical. The ground and trees were covered in a thick mat of moss and lichen. There were pademelons hopping around everywhere, and we got to see some of the oldest known King Billy tress in area, some of them up to 1500 years of age!

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