Kim Cums: Cuntry Bunny - Carrots

Cuntry Bunny: Carrots – Video & Picset

The Forest Bunny has found her way to her kitchen!

Did you follow the bunny through the forest? She found her way back home and took her carrots to the kitchen. She has washed and scrubbed each carrot before placing them carefully in the salad bowl with a bunch of other veggies.

As she unbuttons her jean shorts, she turns her back to you, wiggling her butt as her bottoms fall to the floor. This bunny is slowly losing all of her clothes!

Hopping swiftly on to the counter she spreads her legs and gets ready to play with the baby carrots she found in the forest. She starts with her own fingers, before grabbing the first carrot and inserting it slowly into her cunt. She enjoys the sensation of the small, but firm carrot, but soon craves more and begins stuffing the carrots into her pussy one by one.

Watch Trailer now, Full video runtime: 17:05
Filmed in DCI 4K on Canon 5D MkIV

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