Kim Cums: Country Creek - Wooden Paddle Spanking

Country Creek: Wooden Paddle Spanking – Video & Picset

An outdoor impact play session

Jay and I go out to the forest for a spanking session and we bring along two wooden paddles. The first paddle we use is flat on one side with waves carved into the other. The second paddle is smaller, a smooth surface on one side with metal spikes embedded into the other. Running past our secluded spot is a creek; its bubbling waters provides a calming background track to our afternoon activities.

He warms my ass up with the large paddle, spanking me until both of my cheeks grow warm and pink. Jay then steps up the intensity of the sensation, using the wavy, textured side of the same paddle. Throughout the spanking, he maintains intimate contact, rubbing my ass in between spankings, supporting my hip against his body, stroking my hair, and checking in with me as the strokes get harder.

"More please", I manage to respond as the endorphins rush through my body. As I start to drift off happily into subspace, Jay brings out the second paddle. He teases me with the spikes, running the paddle against the red skin on my ass. The metal spikes feel cool, and as they move across my skin, they leave a tickling sensation in their wake.

Watch Trailer now, Full video runtime: 11:39
Filmed in DCI 4K on Canon 5D MkIV

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