Has your content been stolen by Bellesa.co? Here’s how to report it!


What is Bellesa.co?

Bellesa.co is the newest in a long line of free porn sites that utilize crowd-sourcing to do the illegal legwork for them.

They are of the same ilk as Pornhub, Reddit, Imgur and a host of websites whose users re-post paid content for free.

Bellesa.co’s marketing campaign simply puts a “feminist” twist to their unethical business model by claiming that their mission is to source content that depicts “women as they truly are- as subjects of pleasure, not objects of conquest.”


Let’s bring Bellesa.co down at the source.

Sending your DMCA directly to Bellesa will only allow them to continue operating as they have been. They will pull down your content, and then another user will eventually re-upload it, then you will have to send another DMCA, etc.

However, all websites need hosting servers, and hosting companies also accept DMCA notices. According to the a name record, Bellesa.co’s host is Liquid Web, Inc.

After a short chat with one of their sales representatives, we discovered that although their T&Cs do allow adult content, they do only allow it if it is legal. If enough DMCAs are filed directly with the host there is a chance we can get the hosting company to pull the entire website.

So if your content has been stolen by Bellesa, do not report to them, file your DMCA directly with Liquid host at abuse@liquidweb.com


Has your content been stolen by Bellesa.co?
Here’s how to report it!

Send your DMCA takedown notice directly to abuse@liquidweb.com.

Since they are not hosting the majority of the videos on their site, Bellesa will do their best to claim that they are not liable. However, they are hosting all of the images, so be sure to check Bellesa’s picture section for stolen images.

Additionally, they are using Cloudflare for their DNS handling. As Cloudflare has recently been in legal trouble for facilitating pirate sites, it may also be worth sending a report to Cloudflare. Their DMCA abuse form is available HERE and you can read more about their policies here.

Our chat with the LiquidWeb sales representative has been reproduced below:

S: Hi! I’m S. Are there any questions I could help answer for you today?
Me: Hello, do you allow adult content hosting?
S): Yes we do. As long as the content is legal there would be no issues.
Me: What if the content is sourced from random internet posts?
Me: Ie I don’t own the content myself, but contributors post the content from other sources like on Reddit, Imgur, etc
S: That would be fine as long as there are no copyright complaints.
S: https://www.liquidweb.com/about-us/policies/terms-conditions/
S: That link will contain our terms of service so you can review them in more detail.
M: How would you track copyright complaints?
M: Can people send them directly to you?
S: If we receive a DMCA complaint then we would notify you and give you time to resolve the issue. If you do not then you would be in violation of our terms of service and subject to cancellation.
Me: How many complaints would there have to be before you took down an entire site? Ie if it could be a recurring problem
S: I’m not in our security team so I can’t say for sure. We do understand occasional issues can happen although if this is a recurring problem it would be up to the discretion of our security team.
Me: Is there a direct e-mail you could provide for DMCA complaints?
Me: And could you also provide a contact at your security department?
S: No that is not possible. You will need to review our terms of service in detail to ensure that you won’t be in violation.
S: https://www.liquidweb.com/about-us/policies/terms-conditions/#acceptable-use
Me: What if I am interested in reporting one of your websites for being in violation?
Scott: You could send that to abuse@liquidweb.com
Me: Thank you
S: You’re welcome. Is there anything further that I can assist you with?
Me: For the record, Bellesa.co appears to be hosted on your servers, and it’s full of stolen content. Not just porn content, but also “celebrity” sex scenes from shows like Jessica Jones, which is owned by Netflix. You may wish to let your legal department know.
S: You can send an email to abuse@liquidweb.com if that is the case.
S: However, I can’t disclose any specific information related to an account without you authenticating to it.
Me: I understand, I just plan on letting the content owners know who they can contact. I tracked the hosting to you guys through the a name record.
S: I see.
S: Do you have any additional questions or concerns that I can assist you with?
Me: Nope, cheers!
S: Have a nice day!



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