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Prints now available in Shop!  


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08/07/2018 5:58 pm  

I've had a lot of requests for prints over the years, and now I've just added a "Prints" category to my Shop!

I've started with some of my most popular photos from over the years including:

  1. Easter Beach Bunny
  2. Ocean Nipples
  3. Poolside Tease
  4. Topless Gamer girl
  5. Topless Harry Potter in socks
  6. Wicked Warrior


Is there a print that you would like to order from the shop? Just add your request to this thread =)

The pictures are heavily watermarked in the shop, but don't worry, there will be no watermark on the final print. There are also two sizes of prints available for you to choose from. Print dimensions are listed on the product description in both metric and imperial measurements 😉

NOTE: I'm happy to sign any prints that your order. Add your request for a signature to the "Order Notes" box at the checkout. Let me know if there is a name/preferred nickname that you would like it make out to, or I'll default to the name in your billing address. 

xoxo Kim


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