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Happy Holidays!

In this digital age, it is still lovely to receive physical cards via snail mail!

Send me a Christmas card

and you will receive a one-month membership to my site, or a one-month extension if you are already a member!

Please remember to include:

  1. legible email address in the message so that I can add you
  2. Your username if you are a member already!

Postal Address:

Kim Cums
PO Box 1725
Macquarie Centre, NSW 2113


xoxo Kim Cums

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Hello Kim,
I’ve sent a card, hope the post makes it to you before Santa Claus.

Kim Cums

Thanks! I look forward to receiving it =D <3

Kim Cums

Hey! I received your card just after Christmas <3 It's a beautiful card, and I enjoyed the photo you added too! xx


Shame, a moth or so late?, perhaps next year, although there is your birthday? xx

Kim Cums

You can send me any type of card or postcard at any time of the year, and you’ll get the one-month extension =) It doesn’t just apply to Christmas xx (My birthday is in April though 😉 )


OK Kim, worth thinking about honey, not just for a months extension either, just because I might want to do it, but your birthday is a given babe! xx