Kim Cums: Candid with a Pickle

Candid with a Pickle – Video

Glass dildos come in all shapes and sizes, and this one is a pickle!

Okay, this dildo was technically described as a cucumber, but we think that it looks much more like a pickle! (And before anyone gets sassy in the comments, yes, I know how pickles are made)

So what do you think? Does this glass dildo look more like a pickle? Or more like a cucumber? Leave your answer in the comments!

This masturbation video gets up close and personal with both me and the pickle-dildo! So if you're not sure which way you are swaying, pickle or cucumber, watch the full video and then let me know in the comments below. Bonus: if anyone catches you watching this video, you can say you were just doing research.

Watch Trailer now, Full video runtime: 06:35

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