Kim Cums: A Christmas Dildek

A Christmas Dildek – Picset

Is it a Dildo? Is it a Dalek? No, it's a Christmas Dildek!

There may be no Doctor Who Christmas special this year, but I'm bringing you the next best thing. In fact, this show may be even more exciting because it involves a dildek instead of a Dalek! What is a Dildek? It's a dildo that's shaped like a dalek!

After unwrapping this early Christmas present, I knew that I had to give it a try. So I stripped off my lacy red panties, lubed up my cunt,and slid in the dalek-dildo.

At first I fucked the dildo leaning back with my legs spread, but soon decided to ride it cow-girl style instead. All of the bumps and ridges on the dildek created a very intense sensation, making me climax very quickly.

Would you like to see a little more? At the beginning of next week, I will be posting a final Christmas video featuring the dildek!

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